All Beauty

Website link: All Beauty

  • Helped create a scalable & sustainable Sass/CSS/HMTL/JS codebase within the new Magento theme
  • Ensured that the design/theme is consistent throughout the site with the use of Sass and HMTL modules
  • Ensured that HTML used throughout the theme is consistent for elements within the theme, such as the HTML used for buttons & form fields.
  • Extended the Foundation Grid framework to suit the new design,
  • Provided guidance on best practice for user interaction and experience for all screen sizes.
  • Took on Google Analytics data to look at what devices users were shopping from mainly and used this to drive decisions for usage on HTML5/CSS3.
  • Provided fallbacks for all new HTML/CSS features we decided to implement for older browsers.
  • Used my personal device lab for testing as well as the in house QA.
  • Startred the creation of a Pattern Library for future developers & designers.