First For Hospitality

I leveraged Vue.js and Stripe to streamline First For Hospitality's customer experience by introducing a seamless ticket listing and purchase flow. This innovative solution eliminated the need for manual event updates and individual invoicing with each ticket purchase. Utilizing Vue.js, I seamlessly retrieved the latest events from an API while seamlessly integrating Stripe's API, empowering customers to securely and conveniently purchase tickets

First For Hospitality is an established events ticket company that provides companies with special tickets for many events. Previously, to purchase tickets, the customer's would search through a list of events (with no filtering) and find the event(s) they're interested in. They would then call First For Hospitality to check availability and then invoice is raised. The customer would then pay the total when that invoice was received via email.

First For Hospitality approached me to help streamline their customer journey with the introduction of a new API from their ticket agent. This new API helps remove the manual process of updating events in WordPress.

The previous ticket listing

Below shows how the customer's would previously search through the list of events and find the event(s) they're interested in:

The new ticket listing and purchase flow

Below shows the new ticket search, filter and purchase flow:

First For Hospitality: Football tickets

The Vue.js app is used for Football, Boxing, and Music. With scope to implement it for other pages when API's are available from the ticket agent.