Date worked: Friday, 1 May 2020

Tags: DotNet,Vue,JavaScript,HTML,Sass,Responsive,jQuery

Website Links: Janes Portal, Janes

As the senior front-end software engineer, I’m helping improve the API-driven application user interface and experience. I plan and manage the front-end workload with the business team, UX experts and the technology teams. Helping transition the app to be a modern and responsive application. Within the team, I’ve introduced a component based application with the use of Vue in DotNet/MVC. Removing Knockout and older versions of jQuery where possible, but keeping the focus on using vanilla JavaScript for speed and size.

Using Gulp & WebPack I’ve helped keep support for older browsers as well as enable the use of modern Javascript (ES6/Next) as our customer’s use a wide range of browsers. To compliment the use of components I’ve also helped transition to Sass and scooping styling to components. Driving the team to use BEM methodology and updating the pattern library.

I worked with the in-house UI/UX team to help design new page layouts as well as communicate technology limitations, offering alternative implementations, with the aim of making the application responsive.