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Working on multiple Magento websites, M1 and M2, building new features as well as supporting existing websites and clients for the agency.

  • Implementing new Magento theme designs
  • Refactoring & improving current code of previous Magento theme's & projects
  • Bug fixing and finding for current projects being developed
  • Testing theme's across browsers and devices
  • Integrating Wordpress in to Magento stores
  • Advising on user experience and interaction issues and finding solutions / improvements for projects
  • Installing & customising plugins
  • Rebuilding navigation, improving usability.
  • Installing & costuming Magento plugins for clients and new builds
  • Reviewing previous sites & advising on user experience & interaction issues and proving insights & development for improvements.
  • Creating new theme's for Magento using Frameworks, such as Curb's Foundation, and introducing the agency dev team to Sass, npm, Style Guides and pattern libraries.
  • Setting up theme Scss structures for easier theme implementation
  • Turning wireframes in to static mock-up web pages
  • Turning static web pages in to Magento pages
  • Guiding team and users on best practices for front end folder structures
  • Creating and leading creation of new sites without a design to get a working, with real data, website running for in-browser design.
  • Hand coding JavaScript/JQuery/Prototype to update Magento 1 form variation to accompany new form markup
  • Taking previous developers code and refactoring CSS/LESS to make it responsive for mobile & tablet sized screens.