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As the Senior Front-end Developer, I led the creation of the application used by my client and their customers. I oversaw the design and development of the public-facing website and extended the branding to the Vue SPA (Single Page Application).

Collaborating closely with the founder, I constructed the front-end of the application, providing administrative functionality for their customers and enabling system-admins to use the application as customers themselves. This was achieved through "role-based access controls" using JWT (JSON Web Tokens). I implemented a dynamic UI that adjusted functionality and features based on the user's role and access levels.

I chose VueJS for the front-end due to its robust ecosystem: Pinia for state management, Vue-router for authenticated routing, PrimeVue for pre-built components, and Vitest for unit-tests. This application heavily relies on REST, and I leveraged Postman to test and suggest improvements to the data returned to the front-end.

Developing these two distinct sites allowed my client to showcase their concept, facilitating the acquisition of funding for subsequent business and development phases.


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