Photo of KamBanwait

Hey there! I'm Kam Banwait, a London-based Front-end Web Developer fluent in Vue, JS/TypeScript, and TailwindCss. With a knack for clean code and intuitive design, I specialize in crafting dynamic user interfaces that captivate and engage.

I'll help you through Design, Development and Deployment. I thrive on pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional digital experiences. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life!

I'm proficient in HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (React and/or Vue), the JamStack. I have an eye for clean design and can create wire-frames using Figma (my preferred tool), Sketch, PhotoShop & XD (đŸĒĻ rip).

I've lead teams, worked across and within various sized teams, as well as a solo developer. I don't class myself as a Full-stack developer but I'm not afraid of getting my hands onto some back-end code. I strongly believe in understanding the full life cycle of a project.

The Front-end is a crucial area for all projects. It's where the Business meets the customer and the customer experience is crucial here.

If you have a project that needs to be designed and/or built, even if you need some help/advice, then please send me a message.